I came up with some spontaneous lyrics for a random song and it ended morbidly. I suck with the guitar so I’ll just post the lyrics here :p

It’s a storm outside as y’all know and maybe I made the song to lighten things up but to no avail.

(It’s along the lines of the usual D-A-G-A chords strummed like that Hey Soul Sister song ^^)



You don’t see me now

Behind a cloud

As I shine my light on you

You wind the clock

Go back to where

Your heart is stuck

So even if I

Smile, shine, glow

And melt the snow

I build rainbows

And I fart bubbles

I am but a background

To a forlorn boy

Cause he is in the dark

So why don’t you…DIE.


And here ends my songwriting skills :)) image




One of the few games I was able to actually finish and enjoy.

And look, here’s a 3DS version that was just launched (It’s too cute though like, a preschool game..)!


I’m not sure which one I would buy first though… this one is already out but Shadow of Mordor is comiinnnggg (I cannot shut up about it) plus Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and I am scared that it would suck.

Also, I am regressing to my high school self and downloading all those anime theme songs from shows past (which I have happily memorized much like KPop fans these days who don’t even understand the lyrics): Fushigi Yuugi, Hunter X Hunter, Ghostfighter, Slam Dunk, Ouran High School, Samurai X etc (Yeah I like ‘em mainstream stuff)

So, off to my early weekend and I’ll just moan about my Sunday work when I get there!

Ciao ♥


A too early (or too late post) for tadays.

My phone cannot do justice for the city lights but I like that I can see the MOA Ferris Wheel from here (71 Gramercy)

I am somewhat (surprisingly) astounded by what people do in bars, which is everything short of sex.

It’s nice to observe though (while I munch on a slice of lemon, as I do not want to go home intoxicated because of the dangers of…taxi. I am typing this while I’m riding said dangerous vehicle as well)

I have always (and will always) enjoy watching people and the funny things they do (including those horny old men and desperate young women in bars) and I can never stop thinking about why they do what they do.

I am about to arrive at my destination safely and would like a nice, warm bath.

Good morning! ^^



Due to my obsession with Takeru Sato (or more specifically, with his character as Himura Kenshin), I tried stalking him and his other works and what stood out was a certain scandal he was in with a colleague (Maeda Atsuko) from the Q10 TV series.

So I started watching Q10. It’s okay so far. Just the usual high-school environment with the lead girl (Atsuko) as a robot and the guy (Sato) as…I don’t know, a regular, awkward high school guy (with a heart problem).


I am a very aesthetic person (ok, sometimes) and a show usually attracts me first with how cute or good-looking the characters are. I don’t like how the robot looks and for me she doesn’t make that much of an impact on whatever but I like the musician girl and of course, Takeru-chan.



Oh my embarassing attraction to Asian things + kawaiiiii.

So shatap.

Anyway, I can’t seem to separate Kenshin from Takeru anymore and I like him better with long hair.





Hiatus Ends



It’s been 1 month and 1 week since my last gym session. I went to 360 yesterday and I felt dizzy after 2 and a half rounds.

That’s what happens when you try to eat fruits and oatmeal again after bingeing for forever.


I’ve been away from work for two weeks and now I need to save up again for next years multiple-destination excursion.


I can’t focus on anything yet so I’ll just write about Batanes (and Bacolod/Negros Occidental) next time. Not too enthusiastic on narrating about the Batanes trip because…next time.


Currently addicted (again) to Ruruoni Kenshin so I rewatched Samurai X (for the nth time) and tried stalking Takeru Sato and his previous castings (so I’m also watching Bloody Monday right now too).

I also remembered that I wanted to write up on the Hunter X Hunter manga that I finished ages ago because it was so damn moving :((

But I’m lazy.


I bought a book from Book Sale but I haven’t opened it yet. It’s a John Grisham book and I think he helped me out with my thesis a few years ago.

The old lady teacher loves him and we swapped books so she remembered me during grading *teehee*


I can’t stop thinking about Kansi and how it goes well with mornings

Kitchen Confidential: Anthony Bourdain


Here I am with my pretentious book reviews. I promised this year that I would read two books every month then I forgave myself and went down to one and then ZILCH.

So I decided to read on available books I’m interested in online and I chanced up on one available Bourdain book (of which I’ve also purchased online and given to le boyfriend).

We’ve always liked this guy because he IS badass and doesn’t really care much about what the world says about him.  He also didn’t give a fuck when people told him he became a sell-out when he accepted The Taste project on TLC.

Coming from a hospitality and tourism course in college, I’ve always liked food although I’m not so keen in making it (because I am lazy). When I cook though I make sure everything is sinfully fatty. The End.

In this book, Bourdain tackles the not-so-glamorous part of the way to chefdom and it’s not as sassy as they make it look like on TV. Here in the Philippines, everyone thinks it’s a glitzy profession somewhat like the showbiz industry. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT.

Like everything else you have to start from the bottom and work your way up through grease and grime and insults and sleepless nights.

Bourdain gave us maybe, 80% of what it is like behind the restaurant scene without forgetting the passion they had for food in the first place, that makes them STAY.

I don’t have the stomach to be in an environment where you would most likely be screamed at 90% of the time although I didn’t mind the burns and cuts and scratches I got from my brief exposure in the food and beverage industry ( I have my rough, ugly hands to prove it too). I love my sleep and free time so here I am in the banking industry not wanting to go anywhere else anytime soon.

If you are also planning to take your chances in the restaurant business you should definitely read up on this because it also shows the common mistakes people make thinking they can breeze through profits and managing the business.

(I wanted to put up a bar before but I think I’d go bankrupt drinking my own booze)

The book was pretty much straightforward without all those flowery words to entice you into getting into the same biz. Read it and be disheartened or you can also take it constructively, read it and be challenged.


My key takeaway from this book is ironically not about food, it’s about writing in general: