Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

I should not have expected a lot from this although it IS a Cannes filmfest entry, but it was too artsy for me (Or more aptly, this movie is so hipstery I almost wept…in my sleep).

And it was too profoundly wordy as well that…..zzzzz.

Anyway, I (emphasis on the “I”) bought it because TOM HIDDLESTON AND TILDA SWINTON IS THERE OKAY (more famously known as Loki and the Snow Queen ♥♥♥)

"only lovers left alive" "only lovers left alive"

(and with Snow Queen that is definitely NOT Elsa from Frozen)

I am bad at providing summaries (or I am lazy take your pick) so here is one from Metacritic:

Starring: Anton Yelchin, Jeffrey Wright, John Hurt, Mia Wasikowska, Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston

Adam and Eve have been lovers for centuries. Both are cultured intellectuals with an all-embracing passion for music, literature and science, who have evolved to a level where they no longer kill for sustenance, but still retain their innate wildness. Adam, a reclusive underground musician hiding out in the ruins of contemporary Detroit, despairs about human civilization’s decline, and worries about future survival. Eve, who is perhaps 3000 years old to Adam’s 500, takes a longer view of history and is more optimistic. She leaves her home in the ancient city of Tangier to come to his side. As blood has been tainted by the zombies (humans), the formerly immortal Adam and Eve must secure uncontaminated blood from hospitals or they will perish. Eve’s close friend, Christopher Marlowe, is an elder vampire who provides Eve with hospital blood. Adam gets his supply from Dr. Watson, a skittish hematologist who provides safe blood at a price. Adam and Eve’s precarious footing is further threatened by the uninvited arrival of Eve’s carefree and uncontrollable little sister Ava. Unlike Adam and Eve, Ava hasn’t yet learned to tame her wilder instincts, and her recklessness concerns Adam.


If you can hear Loki’s ehrm, Tom’s lines on this you will freak out. Unless you are into really deep, philosophical, existentialist shiz. I’m not so fond of long lines and endless conversations so I was already dozing a quarter into the movie.

I did love just watching him though with his bare torso showing most of the time and his “pained musician” vibes all throughout the movie but I suppose Tilda got most of my intention with her unusual white beauty and more positive lines in the film.

It’s not the usual vampire love story we see/read about today that’s mainly targeted on them teen girls swooning over these pale creatures of fiction so I suppose they had that going for them which is nice.

The movie also received good reviews from most people so I suppose my tastes just suck (no pun intended)

You can watch/download the movie if you like and you can tell me your views on it! That might make it more interesting seeing it in someone else’s point of view ^^

Stupidity Remastered


If you can’t afford two of it, YOU CANT AFFORD IT.

This little shi* will be available August 5 here in the Philippines (so said the owner of Itech at Glorietta4 because I wandered there this Tuesday to check!) and the line above instantly came to mind.

I can’t remember where I got that from but it works for me before I make any large purchases on the credit card!

I was on half day this Tuesday because it was a holiday and the vacation leave is credited back to you in such circumstances. I did some personal errands then (key duplicates, gift buying, groceries, S3 clip-on batt charger, and I also had to check if the PS4 Last of Us package was already out!)

Something happened to me that morning though that left me seething with rage. Or not really, I was just pissed because I WAS STUPID. I forgot how much I hate the feeling of being duped!

If that Last of Us package was available then I would’ve bought it just to appease my anger BUTI NA LANG WALA PA.

Anyway, there was an old lady sitting down on one of the chairs of a small cafe in Glorietta 1 and she beckoned to me as I passed her by. She looked like a rich old lady waiting for her driver and she had on full makeup and accessories and even an expensive looking bag.

You can visualize her like this (haha):


She spoke to me in English (and with a very good accent at that) and said that a taxi driver had taken her wallet and she just needs as much as I can give so she can eat and go home. I pride myself in being a very good judge of character and I saw sadness in her eyes and that made me give her some money! I am such a sucker for old people! (which is not always bad though)

What makes me so mad is that I already know about this scam and that the logical way to approach this would be to escort her to a security guard because if ever the story IS true then at least they can still help her out.

I didn’t think too much about it and I went on duplicating my house keys (because I though I lost them but I found them later…in my bag) then looking at store merchandise  but as I was getting back to the cell shop that was charging my phone battery I saw her again! She was speaking with a woman in Tagalog and was asking for the same thing!

I went behind the old lady’s back and signaled to the woman to not give her anything. The woman went to me later after she rejected the lady and I told her that I have already given the madam some money and that she was most probably a scammer. I also pointed the old lady over to a passing security guard and advised him of said situation.

I had a little personality misjudgement fine, but what makes that sting more is because that happened because I WAS STUPID.

Despite of that, I finished a lot of errands that day and I felt very accomplished afterwards anyway so…


Signs of the Times

My 4 moods

Signs of Aging :/

I have deluded myself into thinking that I’m a spontaneous type of person. But looking at my everyday schedule… there’s that word “schedule”.

Pokemon Tim Burton Style

Pokémon Tim Burton style

When my religious family members tell me that I'm going to hell for being a chemist.

So Deep

Search for happiness.


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