My Top 20 Bands/Artists

You cannot judge me :p

(In no particular order)

1.)  Imago (the old Imago)


2.) Paramita


3.) UpDharmaDown


4.) Franco


5.) Tokyo Jihen


 6.) Tori Amos


7.) Avril Lavigne (yeah because I went thru that angsty teenage phase :p)


8.) Dishwalla


9.) Celine Dion


10.) Sara Bareilles


11.) Backstreet Boys


12.) Gin Blossoms


13.) Jill Scott


14.) Eryka Baduh


 15.) BeeGees


16.) Heart


17.) Paramore


18.) Fuseboxx


19.) Moonpools and Caterpillars


20.) Julianne



Why do I have such a short attention span?

That’s one of the reasons why I can’t be a good writer. Or why I wasn’t able to finish my guitar/drum/conga lessons. Why I can’t write/record a song. Why I almost hit a car while out biking because I was daydreaming and I forgot to hold the handlebars properly. Why I tend to watch/read too many things at the same time and I can’t finish one. Why I tend to leave people hanging during a conversation because I got distracted by some other topic.


Speaking of ‘distractions’, here are photos of my current celeb crushes *teehee*

Lisa Hannigan, Live at the Festival of World Cultures

Lisa Hannigan2

Ian Somerhalder3

Takeru Satoh4Kim Jones (I like her face very much ♥)

Of course, I also have a lot of crushes that I just see here and there. One particular one…never mind :p


This week shall be busy for me. My wallet will also cry tears of blood.

But I still love you October. I can pretend that it’s the autumn I’ve never experienced.


Hello! 今日は

It’s been a week since this incident but again, I am very lazy.

I had a surprise, week long vacation due to shingles. I thought that they were just really painful insect bites so I had a week lapse before I had it checked up. The doctor immediately covered her face with a mask when I showed it to her and the rest is Diablo history (because that’s what I did most of my sick leave).

I never felt the hot rays of the sun for exactly a week (although I did go out twice or thrice in the evening for isaw), I never exercised, and I was also asleep most of the time. I’m not sure though if I should be happy about the vacation or sad that I won’t get incentives for this month :/


(Photo Source: here)


So maaaany October babbiiieeeeeeessss ♥

If you want to give me something, it’s either sweets or alcohol :p




Speaking of birthdays, after my shingles  incident, we went to Cavite to celebrate Ty’s birthday. We ate forever and I drank forever (and also cried a bit) and I was still drunk til noon (because we slept 630am. I was surprised though that I was able to do so).

I like talking with friends about fears and experiences and opinions. You get to see the other side of everything you’re not familiar with. New lessons/views are always fun to ponder on!

Also, first time to bring my cat out on a date!

Here’s a few photos:

wpid-img_4747488307398.jpeg wpid-img_4729864101097.jpeg wpid-img_4737186400684.jpeg


We ate (AGAIN) at Saboten. And I keep complaining that I’m getting fat. I got a bit depressed while I was trying out new jeans that day too (the laundryplace never gave my black one back to me :/)

But it’s always fun to eat with friends. Never mind my conscience.

wpid-img_4758944449486.jpeg wpid-img_4767256922782.jpeg

Ja Mata Ne! またね

Reasons Why I Can’t Travel Alone


I have a friend who wrote a very inspiring post on 10 Good Reasons to Travel Alone and you should definitely try it out because it is TRUE. It’s just that for a person like me, my qualms on doing so compared to the good that it can do me deter me from even making the first step.

Here’s a few:

1.) I am a very awkward person. I try to be really friendly most times but I can’t hold up a decent conversation for so long so I tend to end things too soon. And I don’t  ”talk to strangers’ when I don’t have friends around.


(Photo source from

2.) I’m a very suspicious person. When I’m not with friends, my face goes to scrunched-up mode so no one would talk to me. The other day I held a ballpen to a man’s face because he tried squeezing me to the window side of the bus and made small chat. I said “SSSHHHH” and took out the pen. He stepped out of the bus shortly after.

(This is due to bus manyaks and phone snatchers history because I’m a commuter. I am already very much jaded.)

3.) When I’m not with friends, I prefer to stay inside my room. I don’t think I can just go to a bar and drink and have the chance of someone talking to me and me not knowing what to do. I remembered that during our gig days, a girl from the bar complimented me on my hair and I said a tiny “thank you” and walked away. Again, awkward.

4.) I read up too much on missing/murdered people who went with strangers while travelling. You’ll never know if someone is a psychopath or not. Haha.

Also, since I like drinking, I’m afraid that someone might offer me a free drink that’s drugged.

5.) I am afraid of unfamiliar things. It IS exciting too though. It’s just that I’m scared of embarassing myself. Which is normal I suppose.

I know the reasons I have are just connected to each other though: I’m afraidof taking risks (wow deep!). I will, maybe, in the future. I just need a little push. But I would love to travel with company. It has its own perks too! ♥

My Top Ten Books

(In no particular order)

5 People You Meet in Heaven – Mitch Albom

Red Dwarf Omnibus – Grant Naylor

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

A Time to Kill – John Grisham

Frankenstein – Dean Koontz

Snow, Glass, Apples – Neil Gaiman (I don’t know if you can count this though because it’s just a short story but I’ll include it anyway)

The Sandman (Vertigo) – Neil Gaiman (can I count one graphic novel too? ^^)

Chicken Soup for the Soul – Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen

Neverwhere – Neil Gaiman

Harry Potter series – J K Rowling

These are the books that I can remember, so obviously they made an impact somehow even if they aren’t that deep in the first place. I think my top choice would be Red Dwarf Omnibus. It’s just a funny, non-sensical, sci-fi book that I can laugh at everytime I borrow it from the CAL library in UP. I’m really a very shallow person.



I’m not sure how some people get off on the smell of gasoline or freshly-cut grass or flowers even (they don’t smell good to me!) but here are my picks (in no particular order) :

1.) Freshly brewed coffee


2.) Newly-laundered bedsheets (or clothes for that matter)


3.) Cinnamon


4.) Freshly-baked bread




6.) New books


7.) Butter Popcorn


8.) Vanilla


9.)  Citrus


10.) Sauteed Onions and Garlic


I think I may have done a similar post either on Tumblr or the other WordPress account or maybe on Multiply (defunct) but most probably there aren’t many changes to the list at all ^^

(Random photos from Google. These are not mine.)

Things We Take for Granted Everyday

I always think about random stuff during toilet time *excuse me*

But I am always grateful for:

1.) Waking up

2.) Coffee (or other hot drinks) in the morning


3.) Regular bowel movement (haha!)

4.) A big breakfast


5.) Clothes on my back

6.) Sleeping on your own bed


7.) A warm comforter

8.) A family to go back home to ♥

9.) Having teeth to smile with

10.) Having no random heavy weight debris fall on your head while you are walking (which is the epitome of malas if that actually happens)


(Photos taken from Google. These are not mine ^^)

Batanes 2014

 It’s been more than a month since this trip and I just feel obliged (to who?!) to have it down my blog history.

Don’t get me wrong, the place IS BEYOND beautiful and you can just lie down on the grass and stare at the sky all day (and night) but I suppose other actual experiences also count for a majority vote on the entire thing.

We got 50% off promo air tickets late last year because of Erma‘s vigilance (haha) and we just had to wait 9months before the actual trip!

The plane ride was pleasant enough (albeit a bit scary during takeoff and touchdown) and we just had to take a short trike ride to our inn (Shanedel’s Inn & Cafe). We waited around 2 hours before we got into a room because the owner went to mass and they also had to clean the room as we had opted to just walk-in instead of doing a reservation (because we didn’t want to pay the fee as a Force Majeure is most likely to happen on our trip, i.e. typhoons, plane problems etc)


(This photo was grabbed from BiyahengPandeSal)

The place was okay but they don’t serve food so we had to walk around the main street to find something to eat. We arrived on a Sunday so most establishments were closed (and there weren’t many establishments to start with) and we had to eat pansit and bread or something that day.

The first thing we noticed was that people weren’t too fond of tourists. We bought stuff from stores and not only do they NOT smile at all but they have this leering expression on their faces because of I DON”T KNOW WHY. This happened about 85% of our time here in Batanes and this is all I can remember afterwards. They might have had a bad experience with tourists before but this is just disheartening :(

We booked a three-day tour, also with Shanedel’s, and we enjoyed it because the tour guide and driver were knowleadgable and friendly and we had good food! Here are a few photos during the trip:


The hills are very much alive.


Rolling hills and stonehouses. I was expecting sheep. But cows and goats are okay too.


The shores are very, very rocky. I forgot the actual explanation. Something about the seabed and the volcano. Hmm.


We also had a swim the last day. As usual, I “forgot” to put on sunscreen (okay, I am tamad). Well, maybe I did a little bit but that little bit didn’t help at all so I was red-brown for 3 weeks.


There were three lighthouses in Batanes. Two in the mainland and one in the nearby island. You can only go up the one in North Batan and the view is spectacular.


Batanes is famous for its stonehouses that were built to battle the regions constant storms. The walls are very thick and the ceilings are low for that function but nowadays people are integrating modern house designs into their homes.


More lighthouse group photos.


My profile picture for a while. This was taken in Sabtang island. The people there seem to be a bit nicer but the sun is also a bit harsher on the skin (pardon le grammar)


Batanes takes pride in its many chapels and churches, most built during the early part of the 18th century. We went to the Ivana, Mahatao and Tukon churches and it was a sight to see (even though I am not fond of churches).


It is a very good idea to wander around town with a rented bike. Just make sure that the brakes are working because the road are really steep.


More stones. This is Boulder Beach for a reason.


We rode a boat to Sabtang Island. I don’t get dizzy on boat rides but this one was spectacularly shaky.


More beach photos. INHALE.


It’s never too early for a group selfie.


Couple tiemz.


Old house photo ops by Kuya Guide.


Blue stones.


Umang and co.


Country lovin’


Sabtang lighthouse from afar.


Honesty shop. I only bought their bukayo.


My cover photo for a while.


The town and the volcano.

We also went into a tunnel made by the Japanese but I don’t have  a photo with me right now. Maybe later.

Here’s a photo of the coconuts crabs that almost  saved the day (or the experience):


It has a flavor all on its own. I am not fond of aligue  though so I didn’t appreciate the heapful it has hidden in its underbelly. It is more a spider than a crab and it can tear your fingers off with its claws.

Speaking of food, the clincher to this awesome adventure was a reservation gone wrong that followed me all the way to the airport as we were about to leave.

The end of this all is that we enjoyed the view but its the people who actually make or break the experience. So when people ask me about the place, I would always say ” It’s beautiful but…”

But hey, it’s just me and my experience. It can definitely be different for you!

We tried to get our itinerary from these sites so you can check on it too:








October Lovin’

It’s just Tuesday but I am already thinking about my long weekend ahead. I feel like I have so many things to do this coming October and I am giddy about it! The secret to my anomalous happiness (*heehee* lifted from Lang Leav’s new post) is that I always have something to look forward to, like buying ice cream later or annoying my cat when I go home.


I just want to make a list of my weekend/October plans and hope I can strike off everything from that.

Long weekend list! ♥

1.) Clingy-girlfriend Friday! – Greenbelt

2.) Sophia Saturday morning

3.) Vikings buffet Saturday night! (Food makes me happy. Period.)

4.) General cleaning Sunday (half day only hehe)

5.) Food, booze, blog and gaming day til Monday!

October list (so far):

1.) Ty’s late birthday celeb plus beaching about

2.) MY birthday eve celeb that can only be done with alak and videoke!

3.) More beaching about with friends (because Lucci and girlfriend is coming to town!)

That seems like a short list though but I’m still as excited as hell.

I am also currently checking on game reviews on Metacritic and I don’t know what to do. I’ve been waiting for Shadow of Mordor for quite a while now but the reviews and gameplay dampened my spirit. I might still have a go at it when I get le money though. I wanted a female character and a multi-player game but… :(


Looking at the recent gameplays on Amazon, we’re a bit hopeful on this one: Tom Clancy’s The Division (watch this!)


It’s the fault of The Last of Us Remastered. We’ve been expecting too much of everything.

Anyway, I am still currently working on our Batanes trip post. Apparently, I’m still not too excited in doing it (haha).

Ja’Ne! またね

I don’t Know – Lisa Hannigan

I’ve had this LSS for almost a week now.

I might try doing it on the ukelele ^^

Also, she is very cute and I would like to dress like her.



I don’t know what you smoke

or what countries you’ve been to

if you speak any other languages other than your own

but I’d like to meet you

I don’t know if you drive

if you love the ground beneath you

I don’t know if you write letters or panic on the phone still

I’d like to call you all the same, if you want to, I am game.

I don’t know if you can swim

or if the sea has any draw for you

if you’re better in the morning

or when the sun goes down

I’d like to talk to you

I don’t know if you can dance

if the thought ever occurred to you

if you eat what you’ve been given

or push it round your plate still

I’d like to cook for you all the same,

I would want to, I am game,

If you walk my way and I could keep my head we could creep away in the dark or maybe not, we could shoot it down anyway.

I don’t know if you read novels or the magazines

if you love the hand that feeds you

I assume that your heart’s been bruised

I know I’d like to know you

you don’t know if I can draw at all

or what records I am into

if I sleep like a spoon

or rarely at all

or maybe you would do?

maybe you would do

if I walk your way I will keep my head we will feel our way through the dark though I don’t know you I think that I would do I don’t fall easy at all