Sometimes you really just wanna get that out.


I walked a lot today. For stuff that didn’t seem to matter (except for the kalamares part which is the highlight of this dreary day).

I’ve been thinking of a lot of things lately without getting anywhere at all so I decided to stall and let “destiny” take its path.

I also decided to end this day with brandy and tried to listen to my recorded, singing self (which is no good as my last gig was 3 years ago and I’m as flat/sharp as ever). I’ll post one of the songs later on if I’m game.

I feel like I want to have a long, meaningless talk with a random person just so I could get some new insights on life.

I am tired and I feel like I want to sleep and dream for four months.

Indifference, ah. Such a dangerous word.

Random ramblings, like what everyone else does.

So here’s a selfie 😝

4.48K a day for 35minutes!

Then tomorrow, Baguio ♥


IMG_0282 It is like a nightmare. The type that lingers in your head as you wake up and affects your mood for the whole day. It feels like something lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce at you anytime, catching you at your most vulnerable moment. You can hear it in your head, like a whirring sound in your ears and you squeeze your eyes shut to try and keep it out but it’s no use. You can only wait until the storm passes, until the sun rises, until the pain dulls. You can only cry and wail in despair.



I didn’t know how small my world was until it broke down.


That didn’t mean anything. I just thought it sounded…deep ☺


I broke my personal (suckey) record today! Three rounds in 21 minutes *teehee* I know it’s slow by your standards but when I started, I took 35 minutes. I still look like a roasting pig though and I still feel lilke blacking out but I’m faster at least.

I suppose it’s good motivation when your relatives call you fat all weekend.


Last week was a fiasco of toothaches and headaches and I wanted to punch people in the face so I stayed home instead. The overhaul I promised myself last year never happened and I still had a chip on my molar, a hole in another, and countless other tragedies caused by my love of all things sugary.

It was by far, the worst sort of pain I’ve experienced in my life and I cried til my eyes were sore. I made do with those nasty tooth ache drops that apparently, burns the skin around the tooth but any other pain is better than THAT ONE FUCKING NERVE.

I feel like killing people whenever I remember that.

(Thinking about it, I could’ve just killed that mean male dentist I made an appointment with. Talk about rude.)

Anyway, I’ve found the perfect female dentist and I’ll have the overhaul this year ^^


There has been some weird situations in the family right now and I am confused as to the right option to take. Can I ask for a sign? Or should I go thru that advantages/disadvantages thingy?




I feel this certain disconnect in my personality/life when I meet up with college friends and then I go back to my work routine.

Like, what happened?



Stumbled upon a good site shared by a very good person (and bassist! Hi Cyd :p). Here’s a link:


He is simply stating the obvious things in life that we are surprisingly blind to and it’s amazing.  I’m still backtracking on his archives but here are some good snippets from his blog (sorry for the screengrabs but clicking on the photo will take you to the article itself:


The following are for a different article:

3 4 5

And this is one of my favorites:


So go to his site and read up :)

Food =/= Health

I get sad because of food but food makes me happy too.

Yesterday I bought some Turkish delights from Brera for P220 a box and I got something like this:


…which is okay but biting into it, it didn’t have the texture and flavor I remembered from my childhood. I cried (inside haha). I was expecting something a bit like this:


…something with a gummybear-like texture and a more fruity finish. The nuts would be a bonus ♥




I was fooled into thinking running girls look like this:


Why do I look like a fish out of water gasping for its life?

I feel like blacking out after three rounds. The first round is the hardest as that would be when my muscles scream out, writhing in agony. After that, I’m just in constant pain.

As I said, I’m a very shallow person so I like complaining a lot about mundane stuff :p

But I like running anyways. And I’ve stopped counting the days I’ve been doing it. What I need to conquer now would be sprinting. Apparently, it’s more beneficial in the long run (pun intended?) but just doing 10 seconds of this during my jog almost sent me tumbling into the abyss. But it was fun! I loved how the cold air swooshed past my face as I did it. I just hope I don’t die while doing it.

*le sigh*


I feel so burnt out at the end of my work day. But it’s a good type of stress for me as I feel fulfilled nonetheless.

When’s a good month for a 10-day vacation and where to?


"It doesn't matter, If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there."


I can’t believe people are actually selling shirts with Cobain’s suicide note on it. But in today’s world where lack of respect is a norm, nothing much should surprise us anymore.



Photo from:

Every morning while I’m waiting for my brewed coffee, I give my cat his vitamins and I brush him down. I also talk to him:

“I told you not to wake me up at –AM”

“Why do you meow so loudly?”

“You know that chocolates are not good for you”

“You can’t eat that”

“You can’t go there”

“I told you that eating too much is bad for you and you also keep on licking your fur after you eat so you smell like fish and you’re becoming fat now like your dad (and me) and blahblah..”

…etc etc like a nagging mother. And he just sits there purring like a good boy. Or sometimes he gets annoyed and takes a nip at my hand. And also this proves I am a crazy cat lady.


Where do you see yourself?


I suppose I won’t come back.

That would be awesome


I like dusk the best of all.

Shades of oranges like fall.

Almost dark, almost a squall

A cup in hand, wearing a shawl

(And here ends my talent in elementary poetry :p)



Any smokers on 9gag that agree with me?

I can hear it even now. And I can taste it everytime. I just don’t want to smell that though. So I quit.

(And I need to remind myself that everytime or I’ll slide)

To You

Downcast skies
Piercing eyes
Quilted color blue

Short light lines
Staring right at you


I usually have these musings when I’m on the bus. So many people to observe and think about.


That was long.

I’ve always liked the New Year. Everyone’s still optimistic. Everyone’s making promises (that most can’t keep). There’s talk of turning a new leaf and being better and ya-da ya-da yabadabadoo. Mainly, I like it because of the fireworks and the Silent Hill feel of the streets afterwards.


Anyway, after a week of jogging with my bodyguard (hehe) on our streets at 2:50 in the morning (yawn), I finally had a chance to continue my jog at the Ayala Triangle today. It was a success! (As per…me). I was able to make three rounds on the outer circle (triangle?) 5 minutes earlier than I used to. Although I failed at doing the intermittent sprints in between. Also I encountered wild Pokemon during my rounds and luckily Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch) was blaring in my ears I couldn’t hear them (but I was quite sure they were already shouting at me to get my attention because I could hear unintelligible hoots and words interrupting my music). I was tempted to give them the finger (like the classy girl I am) but that would mean I can’t jog there anymore.


Let’s hope we can just stick to the important stuff and not expect too much of people (and the universe) and then we won’t be disappointed.

Happy New Year and back to work mothafockas! :3


Hi. I’m the girl who likes starting things without the promise that I can finish them.

I’m on Episode 2 of Sword Art Online (1)

I got a bit nostalgic because this felt like high school Ragnarok all over again. Quite sure though that I’ll die early on in the game if this thing actually comes to life.




I am judging you. As you have judged me for taking this selfie :))

2015 Reading Challenge

Would it count if I’ve already started on LOTR? ^^


Who is brave enough to accept it?

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