Sometimes you really just wanna get that out.

Things I Have Learned…

…during my vacation:

  • Travels are always worth it
  • Money spent on family is money well spent
  • Never, ever tequila again
  • Never let anyone make you feel inadequate
  • Making music helps your brain perform better (it produces fireworks in your brain!)
  • Practice makes everything better (driving, public speaking, work etc.). It just takes a while.
  • Reply only when necessary. No need to divulge everything.
  • Choose your lakads
  • It’s okay to go out and meet people. Proper discernment on the personality should be in place though. Know their purpose.
  • Never compromise on red flags
  • Your safety matters more than someone’s ego.
  • Issue/Powers behind the Syrian conflict and international backers
  • KPop/HipHop dance groups/routines (HAHA)
  • When the past comes knocking on your door, you can take a peek but never open it (another HAHA)
  • It’s okay to let go of the life vest.
  • Consult on different things with different people. Counter-check expertise.
  • Stop being too incredulous/self-righteous on people’s opinions. Listen some more.
  • Let them talk.
  • Never compromise who you are to fit into someone’s idea of perfection.
  • The logic of casual relationships and the current status quo on the term “dating”
  • It is not someone’s “job” to fix other people. That person should have the audacity to do it himself/herself.
  • Read more/watch more videos relevant to your career goal


*On a different note, the gods have saved my guitar from yet AGAIN another trip to the floor. Fuck these Ace Hardware hooks :/

Looking Back-Moving Forward


Slept at around 5am today after listening to a combination of mellow-funky-noisy music (AND IT WAS AWESOME).

Not helping that I’m listening to Jeebus’ album now and metal music is not something I listen to everyday :D

You can listen to it here:



Awesome job guys. After 10 years of damaging our eardrums.

I stopped after a while and played Adele :p


I have time to type now as after FOREVER, we are now included in the group of people that jubilate over long weekends.

Was supposed to go home but…SLEEP.

Also, all nighters need a day for recovery.


Another pet-peeve of mine are flakers.

And people who are not on time.


I need to make wiser decisions.



So proud and happy for Tyron and Fau!

It’s a privilege to be a witness to their love story and more so to be a part of a new chapter in their lives!

Also, crazy 2 hour trip from Makati to Cavite WITH NO AIRCON. WOOOHHH.


Was able to jam last night amidst my self-consciousness *hee*

Also, MC friends are always ♥

It was fun.

Killing Time

I can’t believe I’m down to my last day of vacation. Most probably, I can’t post stuff here again as my mind shall be occupied elsewhere. I remembered actually being panicky two weeks before as I have never been on a plane ride alone and there was this tanim-bala thing which has apparently resurfaced again after APEC. And that thing of being alone in a semi-faraway place (just for a night though).

I’ll just post something about my El Nido trip when I can because it was awesome.

Currently trying to make the most of my few hours left for this day and I’m learning Sara Bareilles’ Let The Rain piece on my guitar but my metro is suckey and I get frustrated really fast :D


I cut my nails specifically for this purpose but…waley.

After a long time, I’ve also prepared Samgyupsal (Samgyeopsal?) for myself and unsurprisingly it upset my stomach even more. Again I don’t eat greens and my stomach knows it when alien stuff enter my system. But I needed to, cause my lettuce was dying in the fridge :/

Why did I buy it in the first place?

Again pardon my commas and use of articles and SVA’s and tenses. And everything :D

I’m killing time.

wpid-20151114_132637.jpgI really hate tequila.

Anyway, my long vacation is coming to a close and I am definitely an improved(?) version of myself compared to before this started. I mean, we all can be a different person compared to a few hours before right?

Am I making sense?

It must be my upset stomach.

Again, I’ve done a lot of things this year that has surprised me (and others too). I closed a door and a lot of other doors opened. I don’t like using windows as a reference for opportunities :D

I’ve caught up on some delayed readings and the White Collar series (although I’m not done yet with Season 3 but it’s the best one so far!). I’ve also shifted to Adele and Sara Bareilles after more than a month of Franco damaging my eardrums.

I have also gotten myself into some situations I can’t understand but most probably I’ll just look back at it in the future and chuckle to myself. I’ve heard a lot of interesting stories and opinions from people and it makes me want to read up more on them (as I’m not very good in conversing :/). Heard a heavy one last night and I actually wanted to ask more about it but I got flustered so nevermind. It’s nice knowing people who aren’t afraid of voicing out their concerns (albeit it should be an informed one) as I have the tendency to avoid conflicts  by keeping things to myself. I’m still working on that at the moment. I can’t be on mute forever.

I can’t think properly right now. Not doing that thing again anytime soon :D

I think I’m missing work now and I’m quite sure there’ll be a lot for me when I get back :/


I am an idiot.

Of course, that wasn’t a friendship app. WHAT WAS I EXPECTING :D

It was a good experience but I’m not trying that again.


Here’s another illustration from SNNN.

Why can’t the artist just have a normal name that I can search for easily *le sigh*


Bored, sick and sore.

But happy nonetheless. Because life is funny.

Fifth day of my vacation and my colds turned into a sore throat then a horrendous cough and now asthma. Not sure why this happens every year… *sigh*

Anyway, as I was nursing my hika yesterday and folding my laundry on top of our 15-year old double-deck bed, it fell apart. The metal head frame bonked my skull and in the process also pulled the cord of my sister’s night light which was encased in a box full of stones and pebbles. THAT rained down on my face as it was catapulted out of the bedside table. So now I have a bump on my head and my sister has no bed.

It wasn’t supposed to be a pity post because I wanted people to laugh about the situation as well but surprisingly they got concerned *hihi* sweet guys you.


Anyway, I’m back at le Makati house (as I don’t have a bed to sleep in there anymore haha) and I’m enjoying my days away from THAT GODDAMN SUNLIGHT. Just a few more days and I’ll be off to the beach (and still hide from sunlight somewhat haha)!

Still very concerned over the tanim-bala scheme though so I looked for some zipties and padlocks. Scared of riding the plane alone though as my colleagues have booked a different airline for their trip. Will meet them there then yahoo! Am also thinking though of what I’d do on my last night there as this goddamn APEC event cancelled my flight home and I had it rescheduled the next morning. I might have a dinner date with myself in one of Puerto Princesa’s famous restaurants and sleep in the airport :D

Bahala na.

I’ve already packed my things and they all fit into my heart-y, small backpack.

Hopefully, I’m already feeling well by tomorrow.



I might have a lot of things to say but I’m either really lazy or really hyper so let’s see. It’s the start of my 12-workday leave (due to holiday extensions and bank policies) and I DO have some time to spare. Last post was more than a month ago so hello.

Again, this blog was selfishly made for my own egocentric satisfaction. It’s like talking to myself and also having the opportunity for others to delve into my thoughts, even if they really don’t want to…


Well, it had been an awesome year for me so far. So many changes.

I seem to have forgotten how to wear pants as skirts are a thing in the office and I have really bad tastes so it’s safer for me that way. Most of the clothes I’m wearing are either from my sister or given to me by friends as I suppose they pity me for looking a bit trashy beside my new team mates. I mean, if it’s possible to wear silk pajamas to work I will but again, I have to act like a manager now. The clothes I actually bought for myself have prints that don’t fit me (as per those teammates). Where can that be learned please.

Pretty comfortable wearing heels now even if I’m already towering above most as it is. I feel my bruised feet at the end of the day though and I miss wearing my Chucks. Wearing heels really change how you feel at work though so I might need some more for next year :)


I think I’ve tried a lot of things I was scared of and things I abhor to a certain degree. I am also trying out new, random stuff to occupy my time at home but my bed is too seductive so I never get anything done.

I tried cooking stuff but then I get discouraged easily when it doesn’t come out how it’s supposed to and also looking at the receipts from the deli, I can only curse out and promise never to do it again. So usually, I go without dinner and I have also rediscovered my college sickness of eating just one meal a day. Hence some unhealthy yet very-welcome weight loss.

Anyway, the photo above is a YouTube screencap of my chosen drum lesson instructor. Haven’t even gone past the drum fills as I’ve left my sticks at le QC house and I don’t want to buy another one. It’s fun but again LAZY CAT.


I was also able to finally grow my nails and paint them myself so my manly hands have improved! I don’t bite on them anymore. Or maybe not a lot.

I was also able to cut down on my smoking as I don’t like how people smell after smoking which was so evident when you join them in the elevator so I only smoke in the morning before taking a bath and maybe when I get home or maybe not at all because…LAZY.


Hello irrelevant photo. It’s a goldfish! Get it?


Anyway, I had my first job fair and the continuation of my enjoyment with my new line of work is magnified. There are a lot of work opportunities and I cannot understand why someone can just lull around at home and blame the government for not providing it.

Well, I love hearing about people’s lives. Here I get the privilege to have a peek into a person’s struggles and dreams. What motivates them. How they view the world and how they deal with changes. I get nervous sometimes because some of them can look into your eyes and bare their souls and I feel that I am undeserving of knowing about that part of their lives. It does give me an understanding though of what they really want to achieve.

As I seem to be enjoying the role TOO MUCH, I’ve been staying at the office for longer hours and it doesn’t bother me. I don’t go out a lot anymore though as I just want to sleep immediately afterwards.

NOW THIS was pointed out by a stranger as apparently I wasn’t conscious of it. Which brings me to one of my greatest fears of all time: DATING.

(BUT this is only second to my fear of the waters :D)

I went on one (finally) and it was a pleasant experience I suppose. He was a pretty decent guy and very upfront on expectations and all that. I was pretty lucky I suppose that he didn’t turn out to be a psycho or a kidnapper or else I’d be dead by now or I wont go on a date EVER AGAIN.

Of course there was this attraction and we even met twice although I’m quite sure I wasn’t a very good date as I couldn’t say a lot of things and I’ve done nothing but work-related shiz for the past few months so… There was NOTHING interesting about myself now. I can only blab about things from before and about work so…BORING.

Unbeknownst to the guy I have already done some research about him and he has pretty good credentials (what was funny was that he’s from the same school and is in the same line of business as… never mind). Which doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to make sure he’s not a serial killer. Or a networking agent.

I actually thought of red flags which we use at work and I even literally used some interview questions and phrases. What a bore I am. He was trying hard at least to set my mind at ease.

Anyway, due to a certain situation, I recommended we become friends before anything else. Most probably might not hear from him again but it was a good experience. And yeah he kept on reminding me to turn off my work-muddled brain.

(I almost ate my words last night though but it was a good thing nothing ensued)

I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon though (dating I mean).

I need to improve my social skills a little bit further.


Well, what else have I done?

I celebrated my birthday alone in the darkness of my room (as I was feeling anti-social that weekend).

I haven’t exercised AT ALL for two months now.

There are still manyaks everywhere especially during commute. Even lolos for God’s sake. I almost pushed one off the bus seat as he was doing that crossed-arms shit.Then there was this guy standing on the bus aisle and he was trying to feel women’s butts when they passed by him. WHAT ASSHOLES.

When I got home I was so mad I just curse-tweeted and ate chocolate cake. That was also around the same time when that tanim-bala modus broke the internet. HAY.

And jokes have been running the government and will be STILL running for office next year.

Ewan ko na.

Will just bullet-proof (HAHA) my bag for my trip to El Nido Friday this coming week. Wait, I don’t look like I have money to pay them anyway so maybe I’m safe.

FUCK YOU GUYS that is all I want to say to that syndicate.



On a lighter note:

Also had a very-delayed videoke date with Erma.


And a high-maintenance one with Nana (one of my team mates) to try out that gel nail thingy.


Life is good.




Latest artist discovery. Goes by SNNN and does amazing Japanese ilustrations. The colors are awesome <3



Finally watched it.

I found it very funny at first.

It catered to the Filipino’s sense of humor enough to keep us glued to our seats, wide awake.

But then, the reality that is still very prevalent up to this day and age came seething thru the screen.

It is commendable that a film could bring out such realizations from a nation that has long ago, forgotten what it was like to feel due to being overexposed to the same thing day-in, day-out.

It’s not that we have only tolerated it for so long, it’s because we have been desensitized with these constant situations blatantly waved in our faces.

But these fleeting feelings aren’t enough. Come another hyped-up issue and this shall be covered like the last national atrocity, like the most recent celebrity scandal.

Like a flame that wavers in the draft.

We lack the foundations to actually sustain these sudden bouts of nationalistic and patriotistic ideas in our heads.

We can only go as far as finding who is at fault for these shortcomings: the government, the education system, our lack of discipline.

And we go round and round.

Waiting for someone to save us from ourselves.

Snail Male

So many snails out this morning.

I saved two and was too late for one because as I stooped to pick him up, his head was already crushed *cringe*

I’m sorry Snail huhuhu :(



Still took the same amount of time for four rounds today.

I wanted to be able to squeeze five in the same amount of time (which is still a suckey record) but…one day at a time.

I’m still worrying over my new schedule next week and how I can even squeeze running in plus some other odd jobs I’ve been working on currently.

It will all work out eventually :)


I left my phone at the QC house over the weekend and it wasn’t much of a bother actually.

I did buy a prepaid SIM in case my parents needed to contact me and I remembered the hassle of needing to load up the damn thing and signing up for them call/text combos. And also losing said load to God-knows-where.

Someone actually rang me up too as soon as I inserted the SIM into my old phone and asked how I got the number. Well, I bought it. And yes I got a recycled one. Like my postpaid line that had people in Visayas ringing me up and texting me all the time at the start.


I wasn’t able to practice on my driving skills this weekend because I cooked and slept til kingdom come.

I don’t think they appreciated my Hot and Sour soup. Because they were asking why it was sour. But I like it! With all those mushrooms and tofu and even that foul-smelling bottled bamboo shoot thang.

I also cooked my usual Samgyeopsal with tofu and that sizzling tofu recipe from Max and why is everything with tofu. I love tofu :D


My skin hasn’t cleared up after my jogging stints and I believe it’s with the food I eat or the products I use on my face. I refuse to not eat my fatty foods so I’ll look for other options. HAHA.


I think there’s a cute guy jogging with me early in the morning but as I’m in my usual half-dead state while running, I don’t look into people’s faces. It’s all a blur anyway.

And how can I even flirt while looking like someone kicked me in the guts.


It’s my last week here and hindi pa din sha nagsi-sink in.

Again, changes are only for the better.

Half and Half


Same record for today. It should actually be half the time it takes me to do that 4.8k but I’m already half dead by the end of it as well so…

No snails and sweet-smelling flowers today though :(


I hate vegetables.

So I shook off the cabbage inside the falafel (a sacrilege I know).

It tastes better with cheese ♥

And it tasted better than I expected (for a vegetarian meal)


(Beni’s Falafel along Valdez st cor Makati Ave)


 I look like a sunburnt demon at the end of every jog.

Why can’t it be like those commercials?



I don’t know how to feel about all of this yet.

I am happy as I got it.

I am apprehensive for the change.

I am a bit sad as I feel like I’m leaving the people I’ve been with for four years.

Pero hello ibang floor lang yun.

For now.


It also brings me closer to my office crush.


But again, he’s taken @_@



Sadly, I am done with my driving lessons.

The whole 11 hours of it.


Anyway, MIGHT show my skills to my dad this weekend.

I’m gonna make sure I have a sign posted on the card first: Student Driver.

Or maybe I should just have the car painted with the Universal Driving School signage.

People would be more forgiving that way :D


I resolve to not actively look for that thing anymore as in most cases, they hide themselves when you do.

I shall devote myself to my family, career and hobbies.




I’ve done 4.8k in 35 minutes today!

But then I smoke in the morning (sometimes) which nullifies my existence in this world


I have semi-new scenery this time running around (?) the Ayala Triangle as a sampaguita (Jasminum sambac) bush is in full bloom (and smells really nice!) plus those damn snails keep me busy as they keep crossing the walkway. I’ve thrown three into the bushes not because I am a compassionate person but because I feel sick whenever I hear (and feel) that crunch @_@



Aha! I think I know now why I was able to run that long today! I ate a whole pack of Mik Mik and Haw Haw! So much sugar and energy! But I still want cake!


I am a bit more confident in my driving skills. But I keep on swerving whenever I change gears as I lack focus.

It doesn’t help that one of the instructors keep hitting on me and the other old guy is a hothead.

*le sigh*


Done with my plumbing issues for the weekend!

Now I just want to replace the shower head and I don’t have the proper tools. I’ll borrow from the office guys na lang.


There’s this current issue on the INC blocking EDSA right now.

I only have questions:

Do you have a permit for the length of the period you have been staying there?


What has de Lima done wrong?

Why is no one stopping the mayhem?

Has anyone tried putting BLOC VOTING and SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE together in a sentence?

I do have friends from INC and I know they are kind and that they won’t inconvenience anyone unreasonably. Please do not put my friends names to shame.


I feel like I’m in some sort of battle with myself.

It’s more tiring than it sounds.


 I like oranges :3


A bit excited in spending the weekend with MYSELF.

I want to eat, sleep, sing, read, watch the White Collar series and that second Hobbit movie AGAIN (because Thranduil ♥), maybe play the guitar or start watching those drum lessons with the traditional grip, and maybe have a toast to my (not-so) resilient self.

This all shall be done in the darkness of my abode.

Hopefully, it’s also raining then :)


Day6 of my tragic driving lessons has passed and my engine still dies. I think I understand the gear thing now but I can’t seem to multitask and look at the mirrors and the people/objects in front of me as well. I keep on forgetting the signals and what more if I need to open the headlights or the wipers in front?

I am already a very frazzled black cat.

Again I need to relax and refresh my system.




Why are you reading my shi*?

Obviously, they’re nothing but random musings.

This site won’t help you in any way.


I feel down.

Not the depresssed sort of down. Just… down.

I’m not sure if I can wait for two months more before my vacation.

We’ll see.


Dating sites have become boring.

Or app for that matter.

I don’t like replying to messages these days.

*snob alert*


We’ve just met a Canadian kid and following the stereotype, he IS nice and he likes hockey. And he says “oot”. And “aboot”



Rampant sore eyes condition in the office this week.

Hopefully I am immune.


I feel old.

I no longer have the patience for certain situations.

I feel tired.

I want to lounge around and walk around and not think about anything at all.


I should stop being too wary of strangers.

Anyway, my friends are helping me out on that part ♥


It’s Day5 for my driving lessons yesterday and it hasn’t gotten me anywhere.

(Suckey lady driver in the making!)


Planning to be the little old lady I am this Friday night and cook and drink by myself.

Buffalo wings or Samgyupsal?

And brandy!


I actually got memory lapses that time and I made a mess of myself (broken glass, food on the floor and a really painful cut on my hand). I hope I didn’t hassle anyone though.


I need to get my shi* together.



(Photos are from PETA’s website)


You need to watch it because words cannot do justice.





I like walking along the shores and squishing sand and water between my toes.

I don’t have any concrete plans yet for my ten-day vacation this October.

I want sun and sand.

Or maybe mountains!

Or maybe that new tattoo!


(This photo was from two years ago sa Boracay)


It’s gets kind of boring when the person is an incessant perv.

I want awesome conversations.

Most times.


I want to lie down on my bed the whole day and think of cats.

Or money.


I’m getting excited for the next batch of driving lessons.

I’ll make sure I know more first before I show it to my dad again :)



The Tuesday group has taken a two-week rest period.

Also, I’ve been a little thick-headed on some issue apparently.

Or non-issue.


I’m hungry.



Two rounds in twenty minutes.

It’s hard when you have something to compare it to from before.

I was able to do 4 rounds in 35.



Anyway, errand Wednesday has been a success!

I already have a student’s permit for driving, I was able to get through Day 2 for my driving lessons, and bills are paid.

Doctor appointments were cancelled though.



Speaking of driving lessons, the first two days were easy but then when I went home to practice with my dad I had a panic attack and stepped on the gas instead of the brakes.

He already had a semi-heart attack before so this wasn’t a good idea.



I’ve been dreaming of playing the drums recently. Maybe when I get enough money for new lessons :)


I shouldn’t be too forthcoming with sensitive information with strangers.

But this one seems okay.

I’ll never really know though.


That must have been the suckiest jogging record in a lifetime.

1.1 rounds in 12 minutes?!


Anyway, I started running before to clear my mind. Now, I’m doing this to clear my skin.

The main difference would be that I haven’t started smoking yet the start of March this year so… BEGIN AGAIN.

It’s now been crossing my mind AGAIN that I need to enroll myself somewhere for gym classes. BUT I should remember as well that I have never gone religiously to ANY of those things before so it would be a waste of money.

I should focus on my running first.

And maybe quit smoking.




Excited for my errands Wednesday!

Hopefully, LTO won’t be a bitch.

Also, I dread dentists.





I’ve been buying shimmery things these days.

Not actual jewellery. Just shiny, regular stuff that I’d definitely not buy on a normal day (because I’d most probably choose blue or black for the color)

I bought a glittery blue iPad mini case and a distracting silver wallet/purse.


I had my nails painted soft pink and my toenails painted bright pink.

I even bought a silver Anne Klein watch.

Some b*tch is trying to be girly :/

It will definitely not change the fact that I am brusque and awkward.



I have new trees! :3

Thank you Mammeh!


I have so much planned for this month!

Let’s see if they’ll come through.


My mind is a scrambled egg that has lost its fluffiness.

I want to sleep for a year.



I’ve always wondered about how most girls do what they do.

Perfect hair and nails. Amazing makeup and awesome wardrobe choices.

Tinuturo ba to somewhere?

How about conducting oneself like a lady?

I could use some lessons.

And I need it quick.

I did try fixing my hair and nails this week but I ruined it in 48 hours. It’s either I’m too lazy or too careless or too clumsy and I can never follow through.

How did I even get to be like this in the first place?

Not that I’m unhappy about it, it’s just that I wanted to try something new. I do try every now and then, but the way I am escapes the wide fissures of my unstable ground.

I’m sure I can do this if there’s an actual, URGENT need perhaps :)

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